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Welcome To The PK WebBlog

A “Get To Know Paul Knox” Collection of Wedding’s, Sweet 16’s, Engagement Parties and Everything in Between... After Every Weekend, I Like To Post The Highlights Of My Parties and Share Some Pics & Videos With You... Also, Make Sure You Check Out Some Of My Demo's To The Left, and My Photo Stream To The Right.... I Have Posted A Ton Of Pics On My Photo Stream From Parties I've Done Through The Years... YOU May Even Be Up Already!!... So,  If You are in Need of a DJ/MC Entertainer, Hopefully I Can Be Of Assistance... I Thank You For Spending Some Time On My Website and Would Love To Hear Your Comments...




SCE Event Group's "Wake Me Up" - 7 DJs in 7 Wedding Dresses - Photoshoot video | NJ Wedding DJs


Downloading, Printing and Tagging Pics.

Hey Guys!!!...

 WOW!!... I never imagined in a million years that the pics I've been taking lately would be sooo popular!!... I think that's really Awesome!!!.... I'm glad everyone has been enjoying them...

 Now, if you want to get the original snap shots that I took, All you have to do is become a fan on the SCE Event Group FaceBook Page and you can click on the photo's, tagg them, and even download them to your own computer and share with all you family and friends!!!...

 Due to the High Volume of event's I've been doing, I try to have them all up and posted by the Wednesday after the party.... Sometimes I run a little behind, especially during busy seasons.... So, if you don't see your party up right away... don't be alarmed.... I'll have 'em up ASAP!!.... 

Thanx Again to ALL my Past, Present & Future Clients... If it wasn't for all of you... I would just have an empty web page... See you all on the Dance Floor!!!....


SCE Event Group Wedding Demo 2013

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04.06.2014. Jaime & Christopher's Wedding @ The Westmount CC

Jaime & Christopher's Wedding @ The Westmount CC with Paul Knox, Jeff Scott Gould & Christian LaGrotteria of the SCE Event Group.


04.05.2014. Kristen & Andrew's Wedding @ The Berkeley Hotel

Kristen & Andrew's Wedding @ The Berkeley Hotel with Paul Knox of the SCE Event Group.


03.22.2014. Stephanie & Stan's Wedding @ The Grain House at The Olde Mill Inn

Stephanie & Stan's wedding @ The Grain House at The Olde Mill Inn with Paul Knox of the SCE Event Group.


03.15.2014. Brianna & Ryan's Wedding @ The Meadow Wood Manor

Brianna & Ryan's Wedding @ The Meadow Wood Manor with Paul Knox of the SCE Event Group.


03.08.2014. Robert & Kevin's Wedding Celebration @ Clarks Landing

Robert & Kevin's Wedding Celebration @ Clarks Landing with DJ Paul Knox of the SCE Event Group.


02.22.2014. Bridget & Kristina's Wedding @ the Berkeley Hotel

Bridget & Kristina's Wedding @ the Berkeley Hotel with DJ Paul Knox of the SCE Event Group.


02.14.2014. Briana & Luke's wedding @ Seasons

Briana & Luke's wedding @ Seasons with DJ Paul Knox of the SCE Event Group.